The whole refurbishing process will depend on the charging system and sequence procedures to which refurbish batteries in different processes according to their physical conditions.

Our advanced intelligent system will be able to recognize and put the batteries through the specific processes accordingly.

Below is an example of a common battery refurbishing process:

Charging: 2PbSO4 + 2H2O → PbO2 + Pb + H2SO4
Discharging: PbO2 + Pb + H2SO4 → 2PbSO4 + 2H2O

During the refurbishing process, Battery Equaliser’s additives will be added to each individual cell in a battery. As mentioned, this internationally-patented additive will be able to enhance and increase the life span of a battery.

Battery Equaliser improves battery chemistry by stopping shedding and preventing sulphation from occurring in the renewed batteries, by breaking up existing sulphation in older batteries.

Battery Equaliser contains elements that improve the cohesion of the materials used to formulate the battery paste. Transfer of the lost particles through natural fall-out is reduced and in turn, reducing chocking and bridging of the battery separator. Battery Equaliser also affects the sulphation rate of the battery paste. A more even flow of current is achieved and less high current 'spiking' results in a slower rate of sulphation. This is also affects the development of both oxygen and hydrogen.

Through the addition of the Battery Equaliser, a slight voltage suppressant is introduced. This will reduce the normal gas-release period as a higher voltage is required. This is verified by the reduced topping-up intervals for the electrolyte.

Together with the advanced charging technology and additives, used batteries are given a second life and will be able to enter the market once again. This will simultaneously reduce the number of toxic waste in Singapore significantly.

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